End Of School Camping 2007, Day 3

The day started with a syrup dilemma. We were going to fix French Toast and the camp site, but we forgot the syrup. This lead to a change of plan and we headed over to the Trail’s End restaurant that’s on site for a breakfast buffet. I say it every time we come here: way over priced.

We didn’t feel like going to one of the water parks today so we headed out on the bus to one of the putt-putt courses, Fantasia Gardens. The only way to get there was to go to the Swan Hotel and we leaned a valuable lesson. When going from resort to resort, just get on the first bus you see and then catch a connecting bus to you destination. The directions we had said we had to go to Downtown Disney. When we pulled into Typhoon Lagoon for the second time we figured out what we did wrong.

On the way back from putt-putt, Isabelle fell asleep and now we are just hanging around camp waiting for her to wake up.