Easter 2007

This year Jennifer’s parent drove over from Texas to visit for Easter. They drove because Jennifer bought a photography set from someone over the Internet who lives in San Antonio. The lady didn’t want to ship it so Jennifer convinced her brother to pick it up and her parents then carted here. Tomorrow they are heading back and they are taking our old crib and a few other baby items to Jennifer’s sister, Christina.

On Friday, Jennifer had her first three customers for her new business. She’s currently giving free sitting fees from some of her friends from church and they took her up on her offer. She was also shooting some of them for a candidate for her first advertisement which is going into a local kids circular.

On Saturday, we did the same thing we’ve done for the four years we’ve been here in Florida: we went to the church’s Easter Egg Hunt. This year Jennifer had a hand in setting it up so she had to leave early that morning while her parents and I made our lunches for the picnic. The event went off without a hitch. This was the first year Isabelle was old enough to hunt for eggs and she had no trouble figuring out what needed to be done. Emily got to ride a horse, so she was quite thrilled with everything.

The next morning the Easter Bunny arrived and brought the girls each an Easter Basket filled with candy and toys. They were so taken by the baskets, they didn’t notice all the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden around the Living Room. They finally caught on and went around the room finding the eggs. However, they did a pretty bad job. We were finding them all day long.