Abby’s Pre-School Graduation

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks as we’ve been finishing up NFL Head Coach, but it’s out the door and I’m off of work for the next three weeks.

This past week was also that last week of school, which means that Abby has graduated from pre-school and is on her way to Kindergarten in a couple of months. Today’s picture is from Abby getting her pre-school diploma. They start the year pretty early: July 31st. Can’t believe she’s about to go to “big school” as we’ve been calling it.

This past week Isabelle has really started walking a lot more. She will randomly walk around the living room, but when she wants to really get around she still relies on the speed crawling.

One last thing I wanted to call out was my Xbox 360’s blog. While I was at work a lot, it got very lonely and started writing bad things about me in it’s blog. Now that I’m back, it’s pretty stoked that I’ve been playing a lot of NFS Most Wanted.

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