Wastin’ Away Again in Margaritaville

I did end up having to send my new Treo 750 back, but they were able to get me a new one just in time for my birthday. I spent most of the day trying to get my work e-mail transferred to the device and finally just gave up.

On Monday, we went to Typhoon Lagoon to continue using our annual water park passes. We had fun and actually got Emily to go on one of the water slides. Last time we got all the way to the top and she refused to slide down. Around 2:30 they shut down the rides because a thunder storm was heading our way. We had already been there since 10:00, so we took this as a sign to get going.

On my Birthday, we headed down to Universal CityWalk because I wanted to waste away in Margaritaville. I had a Cheeseburger in Paradise and downed a couple of Margaritas (which were very good). We were going to do some shopping around the CityWalk, but once again those pesky late afternoon Florida thunder storms scared us away. Overall, a nice birthday. As you get older, it gets harder and harder to get excited about birthdays. It’s just another day.

Today we headed to church mainly because we had to teach Emily’s Sunday school class. It’s always tough to do this because Emily clings to us the whole time. At one point I refused and walked away. This just caused her to become a puddle on the floor, refusing to participate. After church, we headed to Five Guys hamburgers. I had been there a couple of times for lunch, but this was the first time I took the family. They have very good hamburgers and French fries. I really recommend them. Because we had nothing else to do, we headed over to the Altamonte Springs mall. This mall we don’t get to as much since we moved up to the Lake Mary area. We had two missions: find a new camping cookbook and find some school shoes for the girls. Four pairs of shoes later, I can say we were successful in one of those missions.

The rest of the day was a lazy day around the house with most of us electing to take a nap. Me and the girls finally cleaned up their play room. The summer has been long and their room has become a mess. Neither Jennifer or myself have the energy at the end of the day to make them clean it. We are always ready for them to head off to bed.

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