Fort Clinch Camping, Day 1

REMOTE POSTING – FERNANDINA BEACH, FL.: We headed out on our first non-Disney excursion in the camper today: Fort Clinch State Park. It’s just north of Jacksonville and was about a two and a half hour trip from Orlando. It’s as far north as you can go in Florida without crossing over into Georgia. The campground is right along the Atlantic coast with the beach within walking distance.
Unfortunately, It’s been raining almost the whole time, which is pretty unusual for Florida. Usually it rains for an hour max and then the sun comes back out. We did have a little break in the clouds and walked along the beach. We also rode our bikes down to the actual fort itself, but got there right as it was closing. We also got there right as the clouds decided to let the rain out again. It was a very soaking mile-long bike trek back to the camp site. We were still able to cook out on the grill even through the sprinkles. After dinner it was a couple of games of Chutes and Ladders inside the camper with the girls and it was time for bed. Hopefully it won’t be as rainy tomorrow.


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