Sand Arrives This Week

It’s been a very busy week for the French household. First, Abby and Emily attended Vacation Bible School at our church each day this week. It was pretty tough because we had to be up and out of the house by 8:15 each morning. It’s not so hard for me because that’s around the time I leave for work, but for Jennifer and the girls, it’s quite a chore to get them up and going that early in the morning. They had a great time up there and we are going to hear Abby sing at church tomorrow.

The sand arrived for the play gym this week. Abby exclaimed that it was like being at the beach and they ran to the garage to get all of their beach toys. So, the play gym is still in pieces and there’s a ton of beach toys in the sand pit. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring enough sand to make it entirely level, so they are coming back this week to put more in. On Thursday, the other guys are coming back to put the play gym back together. The end is in sight for the play gym installation. (yippee)

Our next project is getting the tile replaced in our bathroom. A couple of months ago I discovered water underneath the tile in shower of our master bathroom. (I have a knack for finding water underneath our floors.) We pulled up some tile and discovered that water was getting underneath and the shower needed to be “re-floated”. So, we’ve hired a contractor and Jennifer ordered some tile. We are going to go ahead and get the whole bathroom re-tiled since we are at it. We’ve never like that tile, so we thought it was a good opportunity to go ahead and get it done.