Abby Couldn’t Sing

We all piled into the car this morning heading to church to hear Abby sing. She’s been talking about it all week, so she must have been excited to sing. We were there and it was time for everyone to go up on stage to sing. So about 300 kids start walking towards the stage at the same time. They must have rehearsed it before hand, but alas, poor Abby, got lost on her way up there and came back to where we were sitting tears in her eyes. From that point on, it was meltdown city. Jennifer took her to where she was supposed to go, but the tears wouldn’t stop and finally, she just gave up. Afterwards, I asked her why she didn’t sing. I asked, “Were you scared?” I was trying to get some insight into why the meltdowns were happening, since I thought we had gotten past this. Her only statement was that “She couldn’t sing.”