Trying to Get Rid of Some Paint

I spent Sunday driving around trying to find a place to dump the paint that was left in our garage by the previous owners of our house. I checked the Seminole County web site to find out where I could drop off the paint and they said a transfer station, which was closer into town, wasn’t open on Sunday and the only place to drop it off was the county dump. So, I drove 45 minutes out to the dump. I was driving out in areas that look like they were hit pretty hard by the last hurricane. I saw a few house boats which were capsized or half way in the water. Anyway, once I got there they told me they were not taking paint because their recycle center was damaged by one of the hurricanes. However, they said that the transfer station was open today. Great. I drove 45 minutes out of my way, when I could have driven 10 minutes to the transfer station. The good news is that the paint is gone.

Today’s picture is of Emily trying to floss her teeth.

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