Mattress With a Little Less Soft, Please

This morning we were called by our neighbor, Jane, Lucas and Connor’s mom. Her air conditioning had leaked all over her floor just like ours did. The thing is she had just had it serviced when she moved in a few months ago, so it seems weird that it would be the same thing as what was wrong with ours.

Today the Original Mattress Company came and picked up our king sized bed in order to make it not as soft. We were having problems with our mattress where it was continuously making body impressions into the mattress even though we were flipping it every other week. Finally the handle broke on the side of the mattress and we called them in to fix it. After Jennifer complained that we were having to flip it so often because of the body impressions, they informed us that they have a year “comfort guarantee”. So, they picked up the mattress today and will return it on Thursday with a little less padding.

Today’s picture is of “Emily the Explorer” as she has been attacked by rings that have attached themselves to her arms. Hopefully she will be able to find the ring extractor from her handy dandy backpack.

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