Tonight Jennifer went to a scrapbooking party with some of the women from church, leaving me with the kids. Once she was gone, Emily sat down and watched TV while Abby and I kick around this little toy soccer ball. Once Emily went to bed, Abby and I went upstairs and she watched me play a new game I got the other day Sly 2.

I’m currently watching the Dodgers and Giants play baseball. I was surprised the other day when I saw that the Astros were suddenly in the lead of the National League Wild Card race. The Giants and Astros are tied for the wild card spot and the Astros won today so if the Giants lose, the Astros will be the sole owners of the wild card spot with two games left to play.

Today’s picture is of Emily with a Dora backpack. Emily has become obsessed with watching Dora the Explorer. This is amazing because Abby didn’t really start liking that show until she was around three years old. She doesn’t quite know how to say “Dora” yet, so she says something more like “Borie” when she sees Dora on the TV or when she dances to the theme song.

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