Presents from Aunt Marci

Today started with Jennifer and the girls going to the YMCA. We’ve been trying to go every Tuesday and Thursday morning and I was supposed to get up early and go before work, but it was hard getting out of bed after softball last night.

Today we received a present for Abby and Emily in the mail from Aunt Marci. She sent two flashlights, one shaped like a tiger and one like a hippopotamus. The girls loved the presents and played with them all afternoon.

We are currently watching the Presidential Debate. We are still undecided on who we are going to vote for. We don’t feel invading Iraq was the right thing to do, but on the other hand we really don’t like Kerry and his plans. We are still waiting to hear something from either candidate which will point us towards one of them. So far, no luck.

Today’s picture is of Emily sitting at the computer in the kitchen. She’s starting to say “cheese” when you point a camera in her direction. She also demanded to eat cheese for breakfast this morning and threw herself on the ground when I told her no.

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