Second Softball Loss

We once again lost our softball game 13-11. I don’t think we played as well as last week, but we still hung in there. I was 0-2 with a walk and a run. My first two times at bat, I didn’t really get very good pitches and I ended up popping them up. So, the next time I was up to bat I just made him pitch to me and he ended up walking me. I didn’t really have any balls hit in my direction at second base. We were in a seventh inning rally when the batter flew out to the outfield. We had a runner on third who tagged up and then came on it. The umpire called the runner out because he didn’t see him tag up before running home. Our coach confronted the umpire who’s response was, “He tagged up?” Usually you don’t want questions from the umpires. You usually want, “The runner is out. I clearly saw him take off before the ball was caught.” That didn’t happen. So, that was the last out of the game. You never want a game to end of a call from the umpire. We’ve been close in both games we played. Perhaps we will win next week.

Meanwhile, on the other end of town, Jennifer took Abby to a kids group at church called Kid’s Connection. They have classes where they do crafts and play games. Abby had fun while Emily played in the nursery and Jennifer helped a Girl Scout troop which meets at the church on Wednesday. They came by the softball field after they were done, but they got there too early. I wasn’t scheduled to start my game for another hour.

Today’s picture is of Emily riding Abby’s bicycle. Look, Poppy, Emily’s ready for her own bike!

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