Last of Day of Chaos

Today was a pretty busy day. It started off with softball practice. I’ve joined the Tiburon softball team. We have so many people we are actually going to have two teams. In fact, the first game is between the two Tiburon teams. I could tell that it had been four years since I had played softball, especially when it came to batting.

While I was at softball practice, the guys working on the floor came and finished off the trim work and helped get the furniture back in place. The floor is finally complete and is looking good. We still need to get all the baseboards painted and Jennifer is currently looking for someone to come in and do that.

After lunch Lucas and Connor’s mom finally arrived and took the boys home. Ahhh, silence. It has been so much more quiet around the house. For the most part they were good, but I’m not looking forward to trying that again.

Tonight was the draft for a fantasy football league that I’m in being run by a friend, Tom Carbone. I usually play in a league for money with an old friend from Houston, Tom Kent, but I decided I really didn’t have time to devote a lot of time to fantasy football this year. Tom convinced me to play when he said that his league was “just for fun”. His two sons are even playing in the league. We are also using the new fantasy football web site being run by EA Sports. We got free accounts since we work for EA.

Finally, Texas narrowly beat out Arkansas 22 – 20 tonight. It was a great game, close the whole time and a nail biter all the way to the end. A fumble by Arkansas near the end cost them the game.

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