Not much went on today. Just a normal day with me going to work and Abby going to pre-school. There’s a story from Sunday night that I forgot to tell. We went to Quiznos to eat dinner and they had a neon sign which said “TOASTY”, but the first two letters were burn out. We were sitting there and Abby asked, “Mom…Dad, why are the ‘T’ and the ‘O’ not working?” We were floored that Abby actually new those letters in the alphabet. Lately she’s been talking about the letters “A” and “B”. She’s always saying “A” is my letter. “A” is for Abby. We figured they were slowly working their way through the alphabet at school and eventually they would get through the entire alphabet. We were amazed that she already knew those two letters. We told her that they had burned out and her next question was, “Did Charlie do it?” She’s been obsessed with the lights going out ever since Hurricane Charlie blew through. It’s a good thing we didn’t loose power when Frances came through.

Today’s picture is of Emily after eating some Oreo cookies. She’s point up in the pantry because she wants some more. Since then, we’ve learned that cookies right before bed time isn’t a very good thing to do.

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