Fourth Day of Chaos

The floor is pretty much complete. There’s still some cleaning work to be done and the molding around the edge of the floor still needs to be put down in a few areas. We also need the guys to help us get the TV and sofa back where it’s supposed to go. This evening Jennifer and I put the kitchen table back where it was supposed to go and we reassembled the girls’ playroom so that when the kids get up tomorrow morning they will have a room to play in.

After dinner we went outside to play since it’s the best way to wear the kids out before sending them to bed. I’m amazed at how well Abby is getting at riding her bicycle. We’ve always had trouble with teaching her to pedal backwards in order for her to slow down and stop. Just last week she was screaming as she tore down a hill out of control. Today she was going down steep inclines and weaving in and out of people with no problem and using her brakes the entire time. It appears that she’s finally starting to get the hang of riding her bicycle.

Tonight is the last night we will have Lucas and Connor staying with us. I’m already planning pay back. Our fifth wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I’ve also bought tickets to another musical for me and Jennifer to go to at the end of October.

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