Weekend Catch-up

Trying to get caught up with what all has been happening over the last few days. A lot of resting a relaxing, except for Saturday morning. I went and played flag football with some of the guys at work. They play on a regular basis and I’m going to try and make it when ever I can, so I can get some sort of exercise. Even though we played 10 a.m. until noon, it was sweltering hot. Near the end I was dragging my feet before and during plays. Had lots of fun and have been very sore and sun burned for the past two days.

To relax the past few days I’ve just been playing Jak II and Jennifer has been working on Emily’s baby scrap book. We go upstairs and work up in the office. That has lead to trouble with Abby sneaking out of her room and getting into trouble. Friday she snuck out and got into Jennifer’s make-up. She spilled it on the floor and then blamed it on Emily even though Emily had been asleep for a couple of hours.

I saw Kill Bill, Volume I this weekend. Quentin Tarantino is an amazing director. Some of the shots are astonishing. The way he blends the music to what is going on in each shot is perfect. Can’t wait until Volume II comes out on DVD next month. It’s already in my Netflix queue.

Today Jennifer and the girls started attending Vacation Bible School up at church. Jennifer is doing games with the kids while Abby attends the classes. Emily is staying in the nursery. Because of the problems we are having with Abby about getting out of her room at night, she hasn’t been getting a good night’s rest. This morning, she was tired and kept crying at Vacation Bible School. She had to sit up with Jennifer for a while until she calmed down and then she joined her class later.

Today’s picture is from the set of pictures that my grandmother sent me from when Jennifer and the girls visited them in East Texas last month. Abby is showing off the new purse that MaMaw made for her.

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