Storyline Central

Electronic Arts has put up a web page devoted to the features that I worked on this year. Storyline Central was the main feature that I worked on all year. The Newspaper being the hardest one, in particular the newspaper picture. Because of created players and new rookies that come into the league during a franchise, there’s no way you could do a static bitmap for the picture. The picture in the newspaper is actually a posed 3D player. He gets moved and placed when flipping through the newspaper.

The other feature that I’m pretty proud of is the Sports Radio. This feature is like no other in a sports game. It’s so compelling to listen to the radio show after each week of your franchise to hear what is going on around the league. The Radio Show and the Newspaper both use the same story tracking system that I wrote for all of Storyline Central. Each week I put together the “radio script” from the major stories or which coaches or players are doing well during the season.

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