Jill & Chris’s Wedding

This weekend we flew out of Orlando to Houston in order attend my sister’s wedding in Shreveport. We decided to fly to Houston and then drive to Shreveport in a rental car because it ended up being cheaper than flying to Shreveport. There were no direct flights to Shreveport and that extra hop would have cost us another $500. So, we collected some of the points on our credit card and then used them to rent a mini-van for the drive.

The flight went smoothly and the drive over to Shreveport was pretty easy. We realized it had been several years since we had actually made that drive and the girls did great. I guess that’s the advantage of them being a little bit older now. Less drama around hour 3 in the car, which is what usually happened in the past.


Friday was the rehearsal. I met my fellow groomsmen, friends of Chris’s, for the first time. Abby, Emily, and Isabelle were also going to be in the wedding and they got instruction on what they were supposed to do. Afterwards, we headed over to Ralph & Kacoo’s for the rehearsal dinner. I tried some alligator, which tasted great (also like chicken of course). We had a great time visiting with Nana and Poppy, who sat at our table. The girls kept them in stitches when they told Poppy about their “get the plunger” saying that they made up.


The next day went pretty fast. We all got dressed up and headed over to the American Rose Center for the wedding. A lot of people had showed up and soon the wedding was underway. I escorted MaMaw and my mom down the isle and then ran back to be part of the wedding party, escorting my cousin, Brooks-Ann Camper, down the isle. Next Abby and Emily came down the isle throwing purple flowers and next Isabelle came down the isle caring the ring pillow. Finally, Dad came down escorting Jill. She looked wonderful in her wedding dress and the jacket that Brooks-Ann had made for her. The vows went fast and before you knew it, we had a new member of the French family, Chris Anderson. He instantly became an uncle to our three daughters, which I reminded him of when we all had dinner together on Sunday evening.

On Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came and visited Nana & Poppy’s house. He was pretty sly hiding eggs in the room right next to where the girls were sleeping. But, they got up early and searched for the eggs that were hidden throughout the house. Nana and Poppy also gave them some kites, which we went down to LSUS to fly later that morning.

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