Back Into the Fray

The biggest news this week was that I am moving back to run a game team. I enjoyed the month I worked with Brian Graham and the other members of the Project Management Office (PMO), but my passion lies with game teams. Sorry, Brian and I will continue to support the goals of the PMO while I work on my new game. On the new team, I will be the Program Manager, which means I will be responsible for the development of the game. The title has not been announced and the planning is at its very infancy. So, I cannot say the exact title I’m working on yet, but once it is announced, I will let everyone know.

All week long I was in leadership training called LeaderPoint. It was a very good course and I enjoyed it. The first three days were a business simulation where we could “do anything except sell stock”. In fact, some of the people broke away from their companies and started their own company. The whole simulation was an attempt to let you “fail in a safe environment” and teach you through doing. While I thought the simulation was interesting, I thought our instructor, Mike Laddin, and his lectures to be the most engaging. Some of it was things I already knew, but it was a different spin on some other management styles I’ve heard of. It’s also really nice to have someone come in and talk where you can ask questions about situations that have happened to you. In the end, I can’t recommend it more and if you are in charge of setting up training for your business, you should check out their courses.

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