No Power, Day 3

A cold front came through last night and removed the humidity and cooled down the house. For lunch we were craving civilization so we went to Incredible Pizza Company for the first time. Hot pizza and cold Coke hit the spot.

One good thing about the power being out is that I’ve gotten a lot of work around the house done. Today I got the garage all unpacked and organized. After that I got my office all cleaned up. This week I was supposed to have off from work because of our crunch to “Second Playable”. I was hoping to have a nice relaxing week at home playing video games while the kids went off to school. Looks like Ike really ruined my week of relaxation. At least I did get the garage and my office cleaned up. That was on my todo list for the week. Didn’t know I would be doing it in the first day.

Later in the evening, one of our neighbors called us over for an impromptu block party. He called it “cook it before it spoils” party. They got the grills going and we sat around and visited while the kid ran around playing. Found out that school has been canceled until at least Thursday. Did I mention that this was supposed to be my week off?

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