No Power, Day 2


It was a rough night sleeping. Ironically with the hurricane now 24 hours past us there wasn’t a breeze in the air at all. The air in our house was warm and thick making it tough to breathe. Around 2 a.m. Emily woke me up saying she was hot, so she made herself a little bed on the floor and went back to sleep.

In the morning we headed out in search of ice. We’ve become pretty used to eating out of an ice chest from our camping trips, but the key thing you have to have is ice. Fortunately Jennifer’s parents had stock piled some in their freezer which was kept cold using their generator. On our radio we kept hearing the City of Houston officials and FEMA pointing fingers at one another why certain necessities hadn’t yet been distributed. One excuse on why the ice hadn’t been distributed was because they had no where to store it. How about this or an idea: drive it in a refrigerated truck and hand it out. No need to store it.

In the evening we got word that parts of Sugar Land now had power so we headed out in search of cold drinks and some candy. After some driving around we finally found a place. They had cold drinks, but no ice. A cold Coke tastes great when you haven’t had one in a few days.

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