No Power, Day 4


We were awaken at 5 a.m. By yelling from upstairs. Emily had thrown up. We think she either ate too much junk food at the block party or was too cold up in her room. Fortunately it was contained t her bed. So, we sent Emily to the shower and rolled up her sheets and threw them in te laundry room.

At lunch time we headed out again. We ate at a local Taco Cabana and then waited for around 30 minues for gas. Afterwards we headed to HEB, but they didn’t have anything parishable. We got a few things and headed home.

At around 4 p.m. One of our neighbors mentioned that the subdivision wanted us to start conseving water. They were afraid that the sewer system was going to start backing up. We also got word that the kids’ school was now canceled until Monday. We took this as the last proverbial straw and started packing thr car. Five hours later and we were at my grandparents’ in Lindale. It nice to be in civilization again.

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