Made It Through Ike

We made it through Hurricane Ike safe and sound. We finally did loose power at midnight, which is about the time the rain started to fall. It was a long night pacing the floor listening for sounds. They say a tornado sounds like a train, but I wasn’t sure what type: modern or choo-choo. I finally fell asleep, but would wake up every hour or so to another strange sound.

At dawn the wind was still whipping, but it was no where near the pace it was earlier in the night. Soon it was over and it was time to survey the damage. Our rent house had lost several rows of shingles and the satellite dish was all bent up. That was the extent of our damage. Driving around Sienna was saw several downed trees, a few blocking the road. We came over the train bridge and noticed several cars pulled over. It wasn’t until a second time through that we noticed everyone had cell phones to their heads. It turned out you could get enough bars to get a call out at the very top of the hill. We stopped and called our parents to tell them we were okay.

Jennifer’s parents lost pretty much every shingle on their roof. Water was now getting into their house. We didn’t want to venture very far from home, so we didn’t head over there to see the damage first hand.

In the evening all the neighbors and their children came out. We talked while the kids ran around. It’s too bad it takes something like this to get neighbors out talking.

Finally, still no phone and no power, we had the girls take a shower to clean up from all the running around.  We then drove around in the car with the air conditioning on full blast. It wasn’t too long before Emily and Izzy were fast asleep. It’s probably going to be another miserable night. Hopefully the power will come back on soon.

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