Reporting In From the Hurricane

The winds are whipping outside, but the rain hasn’t started to fall. We are all sleeping on the ground floor tonight. The girls are sleeping in our room while Jennifer and I are sleeping on the sofa bed so we can watch the TV. It’s looking like Ike is going to go straight up the bay, so we will be on the weaker side.

At least we have power. Yesterday at noon the power company turned off our power with a hurricane 48 hours away. Our energy provider, Green Mountain Enegy, made a mistake when we set up power for our rent house. We live on Carribou Cove they put in a request for power for our house number, but on Carribou COURT. Without warning they cut off the power. We made several calls of despiration, they told us there was nothing they could do. It was a hot night, but they came and turned back on the power this morning. We still have power for now, but the hurricane is just now starting to coming on shore.

I’ll report again tomorrow to report on how we faired.

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