Counter Offer

If you were following my Twitter posts, you would have seen that I sent something about waiting to hear back on our counter offer. Well, to catch everyone else up. We did receive an offer on our house on Saturday. It was pretty low and we counter offered, but still haven’t heard anything back. They were waiting to say anything until after Jennifer could find out if she could get more of the hardwood floor, which she can. She informed the Realtors this today, but we still haven’t heard anything. Hopefully, tomorrow.

On Sunday I went to see the Astros play baseball on their first Sunday home game. They were playing the Florida Marlins and they won 5-1. The picture to the right is what my view was of the game. As you can see it was pretty good expect for the giant floppy hat right over the pitcher and batter, which is where most of the action is. I usually had to look around the lady because she wouldn’t sit back in her chair. In the latter innings, she started getting tired (probably neck strain from that giant floppy hat on her head) and sat back so I had a better view. I still had a great time except for getting sunburned on the left side of my body.

Today I got an e-mail back from Jonathan Coulton, a “musician, a singer-songwriter and an Internet superstar”. I e-mailed him a month ago and told him how much I enjoyed his music never expecting to hear anything back. Well, he e-mailed me back saying “thank you for all the kind words.” Which was pretty cool that he had the time to respond to all of his e-mail. Being the “Internet Superstar” that he is, he can also be found on Twitter. He also wrote the song that’s at the end of the game Portal, “Still Alive”, which is now available to download on Rock Band. If you are curious, you can listen to (and purchase) all his music on his web site. I recommend, “The Future Soon”, “Skullcrusher Mountain”, “Code Monkey”, “RE: Your Brains”, and “Tom Cruise Crazy”.

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