House Selection

This week our house was inspected from the people who are going to buy. This is usually a very stressful part because you don’t know what they are going to find. In fact, we still haven’t heard the exact list of things they want us to fix. The only thing we heard from our Realtor was that “nothing major” was found. So, hopefully, when we finally do get the list it won’t be too painful.

In three weeks we will close on our house and we currently have no place to go. I franticly looked at houses nearly every evening all week. We decided to go with a house that had almost everything we wanted. It has four bedrooms, so that all the girls will have their own room and Emily and Isabelle won’t have to share anymore. It has a three car garage so that we can actually park the cars in the garage and have enough room for all of our extra stuff. It’s on a loop, so that only the people who live in that section should be traveling down there. It’s also only a couple of blocks from the elementary school that Abby and Emily will be attending in the Fall. We put in our initial offer today and hopefully will come to an agreement on it by the end of the weekend. Wish us luck.

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