Another UCF Game

I headed up once again to UCF today for a game against Memphis. We were having a team event for up at work in the form of a tailgate and then had tickets for the game. The tailgate was fun, company paid for the food and our executive producer paid for the beer. We cooked up some burgers and hung out and tried not to talk about work. That sometimes is hard since we do work for a game company.

There was an uproar over the past week because of the water debacle during the Texas game. Since they ran out last week around half time, they quickly installed some water fountains (I didn’t actually see them) and they handed out a free bottle of water as you entered the gate.

I didn’t stick around to see if they ran out of water again this week. At half time the score was UCF 42 and Memphis 0. So, I decided it was time for me to head out. After all, I needed to get back home by 7:00 to see Texas play against Rice. Finally the Horns blew out a crappy opponent. When Fox Sports Florida turned the game over to another one, Texas was winning 58-7.

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