A Close Call

Today I spent all day up at the University of Central Florida (UCF) as the Texas Longhorns came into town. We ordered BBQ over the Internet from The Salt Lick in Austin, Texas and I spent the morning cooking it up for our tailgate. Others were in charge of chips and Shiner Bock. We rolled onto campus in the Sequoia with the Rose Bowl playing on the televisions in the back of the truck around 11:00. We found a choice spot under some trees to set up camp and broke out the beers. After a while, we broke out the BBQ and just sat around and talked and ate until it was time to head over to the stadium.

We packed up camp and started our trek all the way across the campus to the new Brighthouse Networks Stadium. This was the first game in UCF’s new stadium. It was a big deal on the news this morning that no water fountains were built in the stadium. They reassured everyone that there would be plenty of water to purchase. Of course, I went down at half time to buy some water: they were out.

Well, overall the game was pretty frustrating as a Longhorn fan. They UCF fans were quite annoying celebrating every single first down (apparently this is a tradition). The Longhorns looked pretty pitiful and I’m not very hopeful when they play Oklahoma in a few weeks. So far they’ve struggled against Arkansas State, TCU, and now UCF. The play calling is very questionable and Colt McCoy is looking very “Simms like”. Not good.

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