Knight of the Week

A few weeks ago, Abby received her first award of excellence. Because we were so proud of her, we all went for ice cream. Since that first one, she received two more and we were wondering how often these things are getting handed out. We can’t go get ice cream multiple times per week! Well, we were floored when yesterday Abby brought back a note that said that she was selected to get a special award: Knight of the Week. (Their mascot at school is the Knight). She was one of about thirty kids who received the award and the only one from her class. She received the award on KNN (Knights News Network) a television show that the fifth graders put on every morning. We went up to the school and watched the program from the office. The principal handed Abby the award and she waved and smiled to the camera. We were so proud of Abby we went to Chuck E. Cheese tonight for dinner.

In other news, I went back to Filutowski Lasik Center to get an enhancement to my left eye. I was only seeing 30-20, so they offered an enhancement to get it to 20-20 for free. It was much easier than last time. The flap in the cornea is already there, so they just have to break the seal that has been developing over the past six months and re-laser the eye. It was easy and I was seeing better instantly. Now I just have to put medicated eye drops in my eyes for a couple of weeks and I should be home free. I also have to lay off of playing softball for a week, but oh well.

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