Hook’em Horns

Well, from earlier in the week, Tropical Storm Ernesto was a bust. It barley rained when the storm moved over us. We got more rain and wind on Friday will after the storm was long gone. The most frustrating part was the local news blowing it out of proportion and because of that Abby and Emily’s school was canceled.

Today was the first game of the season for the Texas Longhorns as they took on the North Texas Mean Green. Needless to say, it was a blow out. The Longhorns routed North Texas 56-7. The new Texas quarterback, Colt McCoy, looked good. The first pass he threw was a touchdown, although North Texas wasn’t much of a test. It’s going to be a tough battle next week when the Longhorns take on #1 Ohio State.

All the girls were dressed in their Texas outfits. Today’s picture is me posing with Emily and Isabelle. Emily learned how to do “Hook’em Horns” all by herself.

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