Vacation Bible School

This past week was Vacation Bible School so Jennifer took the girls up to church each day this week. Abby and Emily sang songs, make crafts, and learned bible stories; Isabelle played with other babies her age in the nursery; and Jennifer volunteered and taught crafts. All in all they had a great time and were asking to go back each morning and every night I came home I got to see the craft they had made for the week. On Sunday, there was a special church service where the girls sang the songs that they had learned and they showed a slide show of all that went on during the week.

Also on Sunday, we took a trip to a little stream down in Heathrow to take some pictures of Isabelle. Jennifer is still experimenting with the camera I borrowed from work and she wanted to take some nice pictures of Isabelle. So, we sat Isabelle on the rocks and I stood right off camera to make sure she didn’t take a plunge into the water. Finally the humidity and bugs drove us back home. Here’s one of the pictures that Jennifer took.

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