Topping It Off with Sand

Two advances on getting the backyard in its final state happened today. First, the last of the sand arrived today. They topped off the sand box and leveled it all out. It looks much better. Now if we could only get the play gym back up… They called today and said that they could come and set up the play gym tomorrow, which is earlier than the Thursday time frame they told us last week. So, we are on the verge of having the entire backyard done tomorrow.

Today Abby started another Vacation Bible School. This one is in the evening and is at the church were she goes to pre-school. She told me she had a good time and that she ate bread and cheese. She said she also had fun in crafts where she made a dreidel. I thought we sent her to a Christian Vacation Bible School?

Finally, tonight I ordered a new cellular phone. This past weekend Jennifer smashed my phone with the Sequoia’s hatch back. So, it kind of forced the issue on getting a new phone. The good news is that it is a camera phone so I am going to setup what is called a “moblog“. Any pictures I take with the cell phone will be automagically uploaded real time to Frenchville.

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