The Play Gym is Up!

Cue Theme to Superman. I am proud to announce that the play gym is up! It’s been a long and hard battle. It’s an epic story with bad guys, blood and sweat building sand boxes, 11 cubic yards of sand, and trials of patience. Now two fair princesses can go into their backyard and sit atop their tower looking down unto the world and their parents will be happy because they are outside and not inside running around like little maniacs.

So three guys from Woodplay, the people we bought the set from, arrived today to move the pieces back into the sandbox and then one guy stayed behind and put the thing back together again. I must mentioned that they said the sandbox was very well constructed. Once they were finished, the girls were all over the play gym. They put their lawn chairs up the tower part and they stuck flower-shaped windmills outside the lower playhouse portion. Needless to say, Abby and Emily will be well occupied the rest of the week.

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