All the Engineers One Can Handle

Another week that went by quick because I was so busy at work. I have found that our team is way too big for me to handle. Even with the number of people split amongst myself and the new Development Director, I still have sixteen software engineers that report to me. I’m working so hard on day-to-day problems, it’s hard to get to keep up with everyone’s schedule much less any long term planning that needs to be done. Looking at the work load it looks like six to ten engineers is the maximum number of people one should have to help. Beyond that, and you start losing issues and the product starts to suffer.

Tonight I met the girls at Quiznos for some dinner. Abby and Emily sat at a table all by themselves and ate their dinner. Emily has started talking a lot more. She’s started saying “Yes” instead of just nodding her head. She also says, “I’ll be right back” and holds up her index finger. Today’s picture is of Emily wearing her Dora the Explorer backpack. She’s started putting it on all by herself and walking around the house saying, “Let’s go”.

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