Typical Sunday

Today was a typical Sunday. We started out by going to church where it was our turn to serve coffee. Abby also helped serve punch. She held the cups while I poured the punch. Everyone was impressed that she was helping and her only response was, “I am four.” I had to keep correcting her that she wasn’t four until Friday.

When Emily got up from her nap, we found that she had stripped all of her clothes off and she also had taken all of her and Abby’s clothes out of the dresser and had them all dumped on the floor. Fortunately there were no “accidents” while she was sleeping naked.

We decided today that Emily is going to be a dentist. She will sit on your lap and make you open your mouth wide and inspect your teeth. She’s also gotten so that she can identify all areas of the face: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and tongue.

Today’s picture is of Emily sliding down the giant inflated slide. Many people were amazed that Emily would go up and down the slide all by herself.

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