First Florida Snake

Today was my first snake encounter since moving to Florida. Since Florida is essentially one big swamp I expected my first snake to happen sooner and not 21 months since moving here. Anyway, I was walking into our garage to put the garbage into one of our trash cans in there when I noticed a very tiny baby snake sitting there in my way. I picked up a broom and swept it out of the garage. It started heading for the front door and since I really didn’t want it heading toward the house, I picked up a shovel and encouraged it to get onto the shovel. I then carried it into the front lawn and let it go. Since it was a baby snake now I’m worried that his brother and sisters are all hanging out in my garage. Hopefully he was just lost and needed to be shown the way out.

Today’s picture is another one from Halloween. Abby and Emily look over their pile of candy that they received over the night.

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