Fifth Anniversary

I finally got to drive the new Sequoia today. We went to our usual Saturday breakfast and then we went shopping for Abby a new car seat. Her current one really dug into the Camry’s back seat and we want to get a new one that doesn’t mess up the new truck.

The Longhorns once again couldn’t defeat OU. They lost 12-0 and it was the first time that they had been shut out since 1980. They really didn’t look that good at all. It appears that they still haven’t learned to tackle. Their offense looked very one dimensional: either Young would hand off to Benson or he would keep it. It wasn’t until the forth quarter that a wide receiver caught the ball.

The Texas loss was very disappointing, but was made better by the Astros beating the Braves to go up in the NL Division series 2-1. If they win tomorrow, they will be advancing to the NL Championship for the first time ever.

Tonight we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by going out to eat at The Melting Pot. We left the girls across the street with Jane, Lucas, and Connor. We called for a reservation earlier in the day, but they said that they were booked solid. Since we weren’t in a hurry we decided to go ahead and go to the restaurant and take our chances. It turned out that we were seated immediately anyway and in a very secluded booth which was off by itself. So, we had a great dinner and reminisced about the last five years.

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