Friday Night Lights

Today started out the morning with the whole family sitting in the new Sequoia watching the first part of Toy Story. We wanted to give the new TVs in the truck a test run. While watching the THX intro to the movie we realized that we have a better sound system in our new truck than in our living room. The sound moved from speaker to speaker and sounded really good.

Today at work we celebrated Tiburon’s Tenth Anniversary with a happy hour at the end of the day. We had drinks and appetizers and they had all of Tiburon’s old games setup so that people could play them. I was able to meet one of the founders of Tiburon, Jason Anderson, who I’ve only talked to over e-mail. He left Tiburon to start his own company, Budcat, right before I joined Tiburon. They’ve been one of our external developers and I help field some of their questions as they worked on the PC version of Madden NFL 2005.

Finally, Tiburon paid for us to go see Friday Night Lights, a high school football movie that takes place in Texas. It’s the story of Odessa Permian High School and their fight for the football championship in 1988. I didn’t really think it was a very good movie. The characters were pretty weak and way to stereotypical. The only good thing about it was it’s portrayal of football in a small Texas town was pretty accurate.

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