Third Day of Chaos

Jennifer is worn out and has gone to bed early tonight. We could probably handle either the floor being ripped out for a couple of days or taking care of the kids across the street if they were discrete events, but having these going on at the same time is wearing thin. Jennifer’s biggest complaint is that she can’t sit down. On the bright side, the floor is looking really good.

Today while moving the refrigerator back in place, they scratched the floor and had to redo a section. This held them back a little bit, but they got the kitchen complete and the dining room. What’s left is the living room, kid’s playroom, and the hallway back by Emily’s room. They’ve said that they are going to try and be done tomorrow. We will be able to move the furniture back immediately, but any area rugs that we have (which we have two) are going to have to wait a week before we place them down so that they floor has time to dry.

Lucas and Connor have been behaving fine, although we keep them on a pretty short leash (figuratively, of course). Lucas has a problem where he tends to hit other kids. We punish him each time he does something like that. In fact, all the other kids got a cookie right before they went to bed tonight, but Lucas did without because he wasn’t listening to what me and Jennifer were telling him. It seems to be working, because Lucas has a notebook in which his teacher writes comments about how he did in school each day. Today she wrote that Lucas seemed much more behaved than normal and well rested. Interesting.

If you haven’t heard, there’s another hurricane heading our way. Ivan is currently a category four hurricane and it looks like it is heading on the same path as Charlie. This has been an amazing hurricane season. In my lifetime I had only gone through one hurricane: Alicia in 1983. Now here I’ve gone through two, possibly three, in one year.

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