Emily in the Playroom with a Cycling Trophy

Today started off with us all going to Peach Valley Cafe once again for breakfast. The girls are doing better and better each time we go. This time they sat at the table without much fuss at all. Maybe we can start expanding this to lunch and dinner. We’ll have to see, but I’m skeptical.

This afternoon I picked up George from the airport. He’s in town for training as part of his job with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He came in a couple of days early so that he could visit. I’m going to take off from work tomorrow and we are going to go to Universal Studios.

Today’s picture is from about a year ago when Abby and Emily were better friends. It turns out that Emily has had enough of Abby’s torture as of late. Poppy had given Abby a cycling trophy when they visited this summer. Today Emily took the trophy and whacked Abby on top of the head with the marble base. No blood was shed, and Emily was sorry that she hit her sister on the head.

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