Hurricane Charlie Aproaches

Today Jennifer went on a great shoe hunt all across the mall for Emily without any luck. Emily has grown out of all her shoes and the one pair we just got her have Velcro on them and she can get out of them too easily. We put her in the car and two seconds later, she’s ripped both of her shoes off.

Hurricane Charlie continues to head our way. It doesn’t look like it is going to go directly over us. It will go just to the west of us, but we will still be in it’s path. Abby’s pre-school has been canceled and I’m going to stay home from work to help prepare. The storm should hit around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have an update tomorrow evening.

I’m out of current pictures, so I’m having to reach into the archives. Today’s picture is from when Abby was a baby and is in honor of football starting soon. Since she was born during the football season, Abby got dressed up for the Texas-Texas A&M game on the day after Thanksgiving 2000.

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