Here Come the Storms

Today started off with a trip to the dentist for Jennifer. She found out that the sealants on her teeth have failed and she’s starting to get cavities on her teeth. The dentist said that she has six cavities that are starting to form. We’ve decided to do nothing for now. Jennifer said her teeth aren’t bothering her and the cavities are just now starting to form.

After her appointment, we met at the frame shop because it’s time to get my latest game framed. Every year I get the game I’ve worked on framed. The cover and the DVD are mounted with a suede mat and black metal frame. This year will be the first time I have four different covers and DVD’s all in one frame.

We found out today that two tropical storms are heading towards Florida. Bonnie is going to hit the pan handle and shouldn’t affect us much. Charlie, which will become a hurricane before it hits landfall, is looking like it is going to go right over the top of us. Jennifer went to Target today and stocked up on some water and batteries for our flashlights. I will, of course, have daily updates on what happens to us during the tropical storms. Hopefully Frenchville won’t blow away.

It was actually nice outside after dinner and we went on a walk around the neighborhood. It’s amazing how it could be unbearably humid one day and then pleasant the next day. I guess that’s Florida for you. It’s probably the calm before the storms.

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