Night On the Town

The morning started out with a trip to New Smyrna Beach with Aunt Marci. We all packed into the car early and we were there by 10:00. While we were there, we flew a kite. Today’s picture is of me helping Emily keep a hold of the kite. We all had fun sitting near the shore and letting the waves crash over us. Near the end, Abby and I went deep into the water and jumped in the waves together.

When we got back, Jennifer and I got ready for our night on the town. We took Marci up on her offer to watch the kids while we went out. We went to eat at Fleming’s Steak House in Winter Park. It was very good and very expensive. It’s one of those places where the steak is so good it melts in your mouth. We had a four course meal with a cheese tray as a appetizer, salad, steak with baked potato, and “Chocolate Lava” for desert. It was all very good and we were busting at the seams by the time we were done. It’s nice to sit and have a dinner which lasted for an hour an half without having the kids under foot. After dinner, we went to the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre and saw the musical Cats. I had seen it 14 years ago back in college, but Jennifer had never seen it. My big beef about Cats has always been that it doesn’t have a plot. It’s just a collection of songs about cats. We enjoyed the night out, but both of us just couldn’t get into Cats. Perhaps it’s because we are “dog people”.

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