Pizza and Football

After work today I met the family at Chuck E. Cheese so that the girls could run around and have fun. For the first time Abby was really into watching the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese show. She watched the show instead of running around and getting tickets from all the games. Emily is getting more vocal. She exclaimed “bubble” when someone walked by with some balloons. Pretty much anything round is “bubble” to her: bubble, ball, balloon. Not bad for 18 months old.

Today was the day our company store got NCAA Football in. Took it for a test drive this evening. Still just as good a previous years. I beat North Texas 17-14. It wasn’t really that close as I ran the ball all over them gaining almost 200 yards on the ground. I’m going to once again attempt to take Texas to the National Championship. Last year I was able to do it in one season and the previous year it took me two seasons. I got a copy for George and we will be starting up our Strange Brew College Football League (SBCFL) which we’ve been doing for many years now starting with Front Page Sports Football on the PC.

Today’s picture is another one that my grandparents took while the girls were up at their place in Lindale, Texas.

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