The Gym

We started out the morning by going to The Little Gym with Abby & Emily. They just opened up this gymnasium for little kids around the corner from our house and Jennifer signed up the girls for a couple of free lessons. We thought Emily was too young for their program. We think Gymboree is a little more Emily’s speed since it’s for younger kids. However, Abby did excellent. She followed the instructor’s directions and she was the only one in the class which could hold her own weight on the ballance beem and extend her toes all the way out. We are thinking about looking for a regular gym and put her into, but we will see. The best thing about it was that she ran herself tired for a full hour. When it was nap time, she was out like a light.

Jennifer’s been trying to work on Emily’s baby scrap book. It’s been harder because when Emily was born, we switched over to a digital camera and she’s having to get the pictures she wants printed.

I received some pictures from my grandparents, MaMaw and PaPaw, from when the girls were up in Lindale, Texas visiting. I will be posting them in the near future, but today’s picture is from Emily’s trip to the gym.

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