Rainy Fireworks

Happy 4th of July. We braved the rain and the lightning to go to the fireworks show in Sanford, the small town near where we live. We weren’t going to go because it started raining around 5:00, but it started clearing around 7:00 so we decided to brave the storm. It was looking good and I even got a great picture of the sunset. Once it got close to starting time, the rain started and we huddled underneath an umbrella watching the fireworks. Near the end, Emily started getting restless and we had to get going, but overall it was a good show. If it just wasn’t raining, it would have been great. Since the 4th of July is in the middle of Florida’s rainy season, we just want to know if it rains on this day every year. I would love to find a nice secluded spot like Jennifer and I used to have when we live in Clear Lake near Houston. I’m surprised Heathrow, the community we live in, doesn’t have a fireworks show.

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