First Day Off

Well, today was a momentous occasion. It was the first day I hadn’t see the inside of Tiburon since May 16th. Forty-one straight days of working. Isn’t the game industry grand? I guess no news is good news from work and we will have sent the game off to Central Quality Control at EA-Redwood Shores (EARS) in San Francisco.

Since it was my first day off, I was given my Father’s Day/Birthday gift from Jennifer and the girls: an Onkyo Stereo Receiver, with 6.1 surround sound. I got it all hooked up today. Now I just need a good set of speakers. I currently only have 3. Since the ultimate goal is to start watching more movies, today we signed up for Netflix, where you get DVD’s mailed to you. You have three checked out at a time and when you send them back, they send you the next movie on your list.

The only thing we did today was wash Jennifer’s car. Today’s picture is from that event. Emily was pretty funny. She would have the rag in one hand but she wouldn’t use it. She would use her bare hand to wash the car.

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