Abby the Terror

Today Abby started showing her “terrible three” tendencies. She didn’t start the day off right when she started kicking Emily because she wouldn’t come play with her. Later after I went to work, she got into our bathroom and smeared Jennifer’s lipstick all over her mouth. When asked who had the lipstick, Abby said, “Sister has it”. Later while playing in Emily’s room, she ripped down the curtains in the room. Once again she was questioned what happed. Her reply, “Sister did it.” She has been getting into so much trouble lately Jennifer is afraid that she won’t be able to buy any of the new furniture that she wants to buy because she fears that the kids will just damage it. When she came to that conclusion, all she could do was laugh. It reminded Jennifer of something her mom told her, “She couldn’t have anything nice because the kids would just ruin it.”

Meanwhile, Emily (the good kid) is really starting to communicate more. She has started saying her second word: shoe. (Her first word was “bye”.) If you ask her where her shoes are she will run to her room to go get them. In honor of gathering her shoes, I’ve posted a picture of her as the picture of the day, with the shoes she gathered, of course.

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