Is EA Moving Downtown?

Jennifer went to a brunch with her Moms Church group today. She thought it was funny that a lot of people kept asking her about the news of Electronic Arts constructing a new building downtown. They kept asking about the 700 jobs that would be brought to the area. It turns out that there was another article in the Orlando Sentinel this weekend. The Florida House and Senate approved a $4.2 million increase to the University of Central Florida‘s budget to create a co-op between UCF and Electronic Arts. As far as I know, no final decision has been made on where we are building the building. From what I’ve heard they want to grow Tiburon into the size of EA Canada over the next five years. I can only guess that that is where the news reports are getting the 700 jobs from.

After brunch and Abby’s school, it was off to the park again. Amazing how much Jennifer and the girls have been going down to the park since we bought the bike buggy. This is three days in a row. I guess it was worth the money just so that they would get out of the house and get some sun.

I had fun playing MVP Baseball at lunch today. They won’t let us bring laptops to work so at lunch I take mine down to the atrium and set it up to play MVP Baseball or work on the web site while I eat.

Today’s picture is of Emily while she and Abby were playing dress-up.

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