Easter 2003

This year’s Easter was very eventful for the French family. Here is some pictures from Easter weekend 2003.

The weekend started very early Saturday morning when Abby woke me up at 6:00 with a, “Come on, Dad.” She was greeted with a whole spread of gifts from the Easter Bunny. She was also surprised when she found out that the Easter Bunny had also hidden eggs around the townhouse, filled with M&M’s.

Later that morning, we went to an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by our church, First United Methodist of Winter Park. We had a picnic lunch and there was a big Easter Egg hunt with about 100 other kids. Abby collected a basket full of eggs filled with candy. Later she jumped in a Bounce House and got to ride a pony. She loved riding the pony and was smiling the whole time.

The next morning we went to church and when we got back we took some pictures outside the townhouse’s club house. The matching Easter outfits were supplied by Abby and Emily’s Nana and Poppy.

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